Bradley BTIS1 Review

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Bradley BTIS1 4-Rack Smoker

Bradley BTIS1

Barbequing in the outdoors is definitely an art and when you buy an equipment like Bradley BTIS1you can never go wrong with your decision. Smoked food is a favorite item among people when you are partying outdoors and when you can combine this unit with the versatility of your cooking then you are definitely going to come up with a masterpiece. This smoker looks like a refrigerator and has an interior made of top quality aluminum. Its good looks will be enough to woo you by. And this particular smoker has a great advantage to it. It has two types of smoking methods – the hot method and the cold. The time you take for smoking will naturally depend on the type of food you are preparing and the degree of cooking you want it to accomplish. However, if you are looking to cold cook in the Bradley, then understand that the process will be a really long one.

Other Advantages of the Bradley BTIS1

When working the Bradley BTIS1, you will have to read the temperatures on the two thermometers. Once the temperature is set, you can close the door of Bradley BTIS1 and let it do its job. If you feel the smoked meat has a smoky taste to it, you can adjust the unit to fit your taste. However, this unit is ideal for parties because it is a 4 adjustable rack smoking unit and you can smoke lots of food in it. Since the control panel of the unit is digital you can set the temperature and time according to your convenience. Even the smallest degree of heat is alright. The 2,288 cubic inch volume of the smoker will allow you to hot smoke huge amount of meat and fish and cold smoke a Bradley-BTIS1-Openconsiderable amount of salt cure delicacies like ham and bacon.

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The consistent cooking temperature is one of the greatest features of Bradley BTIS1. It will let you have smoked food, deliciously and evenly cooked. One of the disadvantages of buying any smoker unit is that you will not find them to have even cooking capabilities. You will get one end burnt and the other uncooked. To avoid such incidence you must definitely go for the Bradley BTIS1. It is an investment you will be proud of. The unit doesn’t produce any gasses or acids that could interfere with the quality of cooking.

Disadvantages of the BTIS1

One thing which most people find disagreeable is the degree of heat that emanates from this unit. It will not get any hotter than 250 degree Fahrenheit. And for cold smoking, the heat limit is from 60 degrees to 80 degree Fahrenheit. This is a disadvantage because there are smoker machines that go way beyond that level.Some customers have found the 500 wattage of the smoker quite disagreeable. Even if you preheat Bradley BTIS1, the maximum temperature that you get with it during the first few hours is just 180 degrees. If somebody wants to enhance the heating performance of this unit, then he will have to add some additional heating elements that will work well with this one. Another bad point about this unit is that you will have to open the door to find out how the smoking process is going on. But if you are careful with your temperature settings, then you don’t have to worry about that part.

Once you set the smoker you can forget that it is even working. Everything will be done automatically. Your family and guests will love the deliciously cooked hygienic food coming from the BTIS1. You will never be disappointed with your choice because a lot of people honestly recommend it. Having a cool looking smoker will certainly put you to an advantage. You can buy Bradley BTIS1 today and make sure it reaches your home within 2-3 days.

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